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Our Purpose

• To accept the smallest of financial gifts and combine those gifts in order to make a financial gift of impact to charitable and educational entities.

• To promote philanthropic activities that focus on the following key areas of interest:

1. Education and enhanced quality of life for disadvantaged and developmentally disabled children and their families.
2. Elimination of cancer as a health threat.
3. Education and advancing the quality of life of women and women’s issues.

• To bring family and friends together for a lifetime of giving that further makes a positive difference and impact in our lives and the lives of others.

A note from the founders…

“With time, grief seems to be shed in layers and a heavy heart is often made lighter in doing something for someone else. Just as our mother did throughout her life, she left us a tremendous gift of love and an enormous “legacy of joy.” With each step forward, she is our guardian angel and our guiding heart.”

~ Dana C. Dorroh

Ready to Make a Change in the lives of others?

Help us build a gift of impact by donating today. No gift is too small.