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Our Story

As teenagers, every time we left the house, our mother would say “remember who you are.” Well, we are Dana Clair Dorroh, Derek Richard Dorroh, and Ashley Dawn Dorroh. We are the children of Rebecca Joy Tabor Dorroh. At this moment in time, we are 47, 44, and 35 respectively.

We were raised in an extraordinary 2-parent home rich in everything that matters the most – love, adventure, creativity, education, faith, confidence, fun, and family. Our mother was the master conductor of our home. She pretty much directed everything, and looking back, she did a marvelous job.

Love turned into action.

In 2006, our family started gathering information about establishing a family foundation. This foundation would be a non-profit entity that would make charitable gifts to organizations that touch our lives and make a positive difference in others’ lives that are less fortunate. With our mother’s love of children and her background in education and grant writing, we knew that she would be perfect at guiding this philanthropic effort of giving back.

In January of 2007, our mother was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She died in August of 2007. Everything changed. To learn more about our mother’s journey in 2007, please visit her Web site on Her site is “beckidorroh”.

Heartbreak turned into action.

After our mother’s death, the sadness, anger, and grief were overwhelming. Struggling with all of those emotions, we became even more intent on getting this family foundation established. Legacy of Joy, Inc. was founded in December of 2007, and mother’s caring and giving heart is something that we strive to carry forward through the activities of this foundation.

In its infancy, the foundation will have the following purpose:

• To accept the smallest of financial gifts and combine those gifts in order to make a financial gift of impact to charitable and educational entities.

• To promote philanthropic activities that focus on the following key areas of interest:

1. Education and enhanced quality of life for disadvantaged and developmentally disabled children and their families.
2. Elimination of cancer as a health threat.
3. Education and advancing the quality of life of women and women’s issues.

• To bring family and friends together for a lifetime of giving that further makes a positive difference and impact in our lives and the lives of others.

As her children, our mother’s spirit lives on in each of us. Our mother gave unconditionally throughout her lifetime, and we hope that this spirit of caring and giving lives on with our children, our friends, our families, our business ventures, and every life that our foundation touches.

There is room for giving in every life.

With time, grief seems to be shed in layers and a heavy heart is often made lighter in doing something for someone else. Just as our mother did throughout her life, she left us a tremendous gift of love and an enormous “legacy of joy.” With each step forward, she is our guardian angel and our guiding heart.

Wherever you chose to give, get involved and give. If you’d like to share the Legacy of Joy’s journey, get involved with us.

Dana Dorroh, Derek Dorroh, Ashley Dorroh


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